Finding Gold But Missing Gems - April 14th, 2008

Business is chin-deep in paper, email, and spreadsheets. So, it’s probably not surprising that people get fatigued by the blizzard of words and numbers and try to find ways to shovel them aside as quickly as they can. All anyone really wants is the golden nugget of information buried somewhere in the pile. Unfortunately, our efficient hunt for that golden piece of information can miss many other valuable information gems. An example in petroleum land is a common preference to use standard forms and agreements that use blanks and tick-box elections and a tendency for analysts to quickly flip through most of a document and only read those variable fields. Many people haven’t actually read the whole document in years and may have forgotten how some key operating paragraphs really work. The result can jeopardize ROFR management or confound land administration and erode relationships with private mineral rights owners. READ MORE

Categories : Business Practises, Land A&D, Oil & Gas

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